Every aircraft owner is aware of the looming 2020 ADS-B requirement for operations in controlled
airspace. Avionic shops are backlogged with appointments for upgrades to panels and many owners of
older generation aircraft have been hoping for a low-cost solution to allow them to keep flying beyond

The uAvionix Corporation located in Bigfork, Montana has the perfect solution. You can learn more
about them by visiting their website, www.uavionix.com, or give them a call at 844-827-2372.
We’ve been informed that they are currently taking orders for end of August deliveries of the all new
SkyBeacon at a cost under $2,000. The SkyBeacon mounts in ten minutes to where your existing left
(red) navigation/strobe light is located and can be installed by any A & P mechanic. The unit has a built
in LED red navigation light, strobe light, WAAS GPS and ADS-B “Out” transmitter and you don’t even
have to change your panel mounted transponder.

The unit is in the process of being TSO’d and STC’s will be expedited for manufacture’s fleets versus
single aircraft to help speed up the STC process.

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