Properly cleaning and caring for your aircraft windshield is not only important for safety and visibility
reasons, but essential to prolong the clarity and life of the windshield too. There are many industry
products designed specifically for plastic and laminate aircraft windshields which include: M-Ron Glass
Cleaner, Prist Glass Cleaner, Plexus, Clear View, and Av Labs AVL-AGC to name a few. Some products
should not be applied in direct sunlight per label instructions. Lemon pledge has been used by many
over the years as a low cost alternative and most windshield manufacturers recommend plane old water
and lots of it to clean windshield surfaces. Never use a product designed specifically for glass surfaces,
degreasers, bleach, or any other abrasive products as they will deteriorate the plastic causing hazing,
distortion, and possibly structurally weaken the windshield. Also, paper towels are not recommended
as they leave tiny undetected scratches on the windshield that eventually reduce visibility, especially
noticeable when the sun blazes through during late afternoon and early morning flights. Soft cotton and
clean micro-fiber cloth is generally the best scratch-free solution. New windshields for example, on
most Cessna single engine aircraft, can cost in the $2,500-$3,000 range. This includes installed parts and
labor and depend on the selected windshield quality and level of installation time required.

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