Banterra Bank Aircraft Finance Division announces its entrance into the Light Sport (LSA) financing arena with very competitive loan terms and interest rates. Our aircraft lending staff has over 70 years combined aircraft financing experience and offers “Hassle Free” service along with expedited credit decisions to get you in the air fast!

The FAA defines a light sport aircraft as an aircraft, other than a helicopter or Powered-lift, that since its original certification, has continued to meet the following:

Max. Gross Takeoff Weight: 1,320 lbs (600 kg) or 1,430 lbs for seaplanes (650 kg)
Max. Stall Speed: 51 mph / 45 knots CAS
Max. Speed in Level Flight (at sea level In the US Standard Atmosphere):138 mph / 120 knots CAS
Max. Seats: Two
Max. Engines / Motors: One (if powered)
Propeller: Fixed-pitch or ground adjustable
Cabin: Unpressurized
Fixed-pitch, semi-rigid or teetering
Landing Gear: Fixed (except for seaplanes and gliders)

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