Banterra Aircraft Finance offers competitive aircraft loans to meet your aviation needs. With Banterra, we are not a bank that just wanted to add another service to our lending division. We are a bank with a team that is passionate about serving customer’s financial needs, with an aircraft financing team that has a passion for aircraft. Some of Banterra’s Aircraft Finance team have more than 37 years of aviation experience, and while some companies may have executives that own a plane, we have executives like our Aircraft Finance Manager with more than 41-years as a pilot and more than 34 years of experience in aircraft financing, and a Chief Credit Officer who has been flying since he was 17 years old. And that’s just part of your team.

We understand how much you want to own a plane, because we love flying as well. We can help you get there, whether it’s owning a plane for the first time, upgrading, or simply refinancing your current aircraft loan.

Team Members

David Madden, Aircraft Finance Manager David Madden | Aircraft Finance Manager, Banterra Bank

David is Banterra’s aircraft financing expert, serving as Aircraft Finance Manager. With more than 34 years in the aircraft lending industry, David is an accomplished general aviation airman with over 7,500 incident free hours. He is a current, 41 years experienced, Gold Seal Multi/Single/Sea Flight and Ground Instructor, Multi & Single Engine Airline Transport Pilot, and former FAA Designated Pilot Examiner and Accident Prevention Counselor. David has been an aircraft owner since 1983 and currently flies a Cessna C-172 for business and pleasure. David attended the Spartan School of Aeronautics for pilot training and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Science from Bridgewater State College and a Master of Science degree in Applied Management for Business from Lesley College.


Debbie Frawley | Aircraft Finance Coordinator, Banterra Bank

Debbie joined Banterra in 2016, taking the role of Aircraft Finance Coordinator.  She has been in the aviation field for over 17 years, having previously worked at Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In, the second largest aviation expo in the United States. Ms. Frawley has extensive experience in all phases of the aircraft financing documentation and closing process.  She is also extremely knowledgeable with escrow and title activities.  Prior to working in the aviation industry, she was in the banking and venture capital arenas for many years.  Debbie is a graduate of Bradford Business School in Pittsburgh, PA.


Jeanne MaddenAircraft Finance Specialist, Banterra Bank

Jeanne has served as Banterra’s Aircraft Finance Specialist since 2016 and has been in the aviation lending business since 2004.

She is an avid aviation enthusiast who shares the passion for this particular community, having the opportunity to experience the thrill of flight in a blimp, fixed wing, helicopter, glider and balloon.  Jeanne had logged hours flying a Cessna C-150 and C-172 Skyhawk aircraft and lighter-than air balloon.  Jeanne received her Master of Science in Education from SUNY/Oneonta. As a former educator, she is dedicated to educating our customers about the aircraft financing process and ensuring that the loan process is a smooth and enjoyable process from beginning to end and throughout the life of the loan.


Mitch Loiselle, Aviation Relationship ManagerMitch Loiselle | Aviation Relationship Manager

Mitch is Banterra’s Aviation Relationship Manager, serving as an Aircraft Loan Specialist. With more than 28 years in specialty lending and 16 years devoted exclusively to aircraft, Mitch is a well-known highly seasoned professional in the industry. Mr. Loiselle is a Commercial Pilot with a Lighter-Than-Air, Balloon Rating and initially soloed in 1976 in a fixed wing aircraft. Mitch has owned lighter-than-air aircraft since 1999 and regularly participates in Balloon festivals in the US and Canada. Prior to working in aircraft finance, Mitch was heavily involved in all facets of specialty lending as a Sales, Finance & Insurance Manager.


Steve Burroughs, Chief Credit OfficerSteve Burroughs | Chief Credit Officer, Banterra Bank

Steve, Banterra’s Chief Credit Officer and a 30-year banker, has known aviation all of his adult life. He obtained his private certificate at age 18 and served on the Southern Illinois Airport Authority board for 25 years. Steve has more than 37 years of experience in flying and is currently an instrument-rated, private pilot and utilizes his own aircraft extensively for business and pleasure.


Bradley L. Cagle, Senior Specialized Lending OfficerBradley L. Cagle | Senior Specialized Lending Officer, Banterra Bank

Brad has served as Banterra’s Senior Specialized Lending Officer for the past five years, and his division covers multiple areas of specialized lending across the U.S., including aircraft financing. His financial background includes thirteen years of banking experience and nearly 22 years as a Certified Public Accountant. Prior to joining Banterra, Brad worked eight years with U.S. Bank as a Credit Analyst and Commercial Loan Officer and twelve years as a partner/shareholder of a local CPA practice.


Andrew Black | Aircraft Finance Coordinator

Andrew is a 59 hour Student Pilot working on completing his Private Pilot certification.  Additionally, Mr. Black has earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Management from Bridgewater State University, MA and currently is working towards his Master of Science degree from the Florida Institute of Technology.  Andrew also conducted flight support operations for the 1st Combat Aviation Unit for the United States Army and honorably discharged in 2017.  Andrew handles aircraft loan closings, including documentation, title/escrow, and funding requests.  


Colby Kell | Aircraft Finance Support Representative

Colby earned an Associate’s Degree in Business from Rend Lake College and has been in the banking industry for 8 years, including customer service and lending support roles. His prior experience in lending and customer service has given him a history of ensuring his customers’ needs are always top priority. Mr. Kell directly assists customers with loan payoffs, along with assisting Banterra’s Aircraft Finance department with internal bookings of contracts and ensuring proper loan documentation is received and archived.